A Brief History of cMonkeys

The games, products, and services provided by cMonkeys as a whole are mainly a result of the work and effort of two people: Roidz and Deozaan. That said, we recognize and appreciate that others have contributed their time, talent, efforts, and feedback to help make our products or help improve them.

Roidz and Deozaan met in the (unofficial) Unity IRC channel (#unity3d on freenode) when Roidz was working on a new and improved version of his custom input manager for Unity called cInput. The two decided to collaborate on cInput, and it wasn’t long before cMonkeys was formed.

About Roidz

Roidz is a true Belgian. That means lots of greasy food and occasionally a lot of beers. He started coding on the old Commodore Amiga in AMOS BASIC in the early 90s. After a hiatus from coding for many years Roidz decided to pick up coding and game development again. Having tried out a few programming languages and game engines he finally settled on C# and the Unity engine.

About Deozaan

Deozaan resides in the USA. He tends to be a quiet individual who doesn’t share much about his personal life (mostly because he doesn’t think anyone would be interested). However, since English is his native language, he is often the public voice of cMonkeys. He has made a few games separately from his work with cMonkeys.