Cubiq puts a spin on the match-three genre!

Rotate cubes until three (or more) in a line match colors. Each match will help fill up the corresponding meter. Fill all meters to complete each stage. Progress through ten unique themes with colorful cubes and dynamic backgrounds. Rank up as you play to unlock helpful items and obtain achievements.

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Known Issues:

  • None. Please contact us if you encounter any bugs.


1.1708.14 (Official Launch) – 06 September 2017

  • More leaderboard reliability tweaks.
  • Fixed some issues with the in-game shop and improved its performance.

1.1707.13 (RC4) – 06 July 2017

  • Fixed leaderboards always breaking.

1.1706.12 (RC3) – 26 June 2017

  • More helpful messages when ads fail to display.
  • Quit box no longer breaks when halfway through starting a game.
  • Fix spaceship teleporting in the space stage.
  • Added more people to the credits.
  • No longer accept invalid submissions to leaderboards.
  • Other minor finishing touches.

0.1705.11 (RC2) – 18 May 2017

  • Fixed time elapsed being calculated incorrectly (introduced in RC1).

0.1705.10 (RC1) – 18 May 2017

  • Fixed Tip of the Day sometimes being too small to read.
  • Fixed Tip of the Day sometimes displaying multiple tips at once.
  • Fixed leaderboards sometimes breaking. (Thanks Arturo)
  • Finalized some artwork.

0.1610.9 (Beta 9) – 05 October 2016

  • Fixed cubes sometimes not dropping down when starting a new game.
  • Fixed Tip of the Day not displaying when skipping the splash intro.
  • Added more Tips of the Day to the loading screen.
  • Stage select cubes now appear smoother (less blocky).
  • Chains on padlocked stages are more shiny looking.
  • Game Over screen more gracefully handles when ad fails to play.
  • cMonkeys website is a clickable link in credits.
  • Fixed typo.

0.1609.8 (Beta 8) – 13 September 2016

  • Fixed getting game over and stage complete at the same time.
  • Added a Tip of the Day to the loading screen.
  • XP level now syncs with Google Play Games Cloud Saves.
  • Devices with a 4:3 aspect ratio can now see the entire gameplay area.
  • Stage select screen no longer snaps into position while still dragging.
  • Fixed stage select screen sometimes not snapping on first or last levels.
  • Time and Moves counters will flash to draw attention as they start to run low.
  • Fixed stage select screen resetting to stage 1 but showing name of last played stage.
  • Fixed Triple Combo (Silver) achievement having wrong number of steps to complete. (Thanks Amanda)
  • Overhauled cube images and added guides to help players know which color is on which side of the cubes. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Visual improvements to other graphic elements (such as the meters).

0.1607.7 (Beta 7) – 28 July 2016

  • Improved level select scrolling for devices with small screens. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Fixed wrong name being highlighted in leaderboards.

0.1607.6 (Beta 6) – 21 July 2016

  • Added a back button to the Stage Complete screen. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Fixed two wizards spawning on Arcane Arts theme. (Thanks Katelyn)
  • Reduced chance for duplicate entries in leaderboards.
  • Repositioned the feedback button for improved aesthetics.
  • Fixed typo.

0.1607.5 (Beta 5) – 15 July 2016

  • Fixed crashing during startup on some devices.
  • Fixed “limit reached” bug which prevented watching ads to earn cubos.
  • Fixed screen flashing when main menu appears.
  • Nature Walk theme’s leopard no longer gets stuck running in place after theme transition.

0.1607.4 (Beta 4) – 14 July 2016

  • Added option to disable dynamic backgrounds. (Thanks Jibz)
  • More helpful messages given when ads fail to play. (Thanks Amanda)
  • Achievements synchronize more reliably.
  • Display a message when running an older version.
  • Doubler/Tripler image improvements.

0.1607.3 (Beta 3) – 12 July 2016:

  • Fixed game getting stuck when getting many combos after filling last meter.
  • Added feedback button to game.
  • Replaced missing image on game over screen.

0.1607.2 (Beta 2) – 11 July 2016:

  • Tutorial properly ends after first substage.
  • Fixed “Connection Error” being shown behind first name in leaderboards. (Thanks Amanda)
  • Time and Move counters are larger for increased visibility on smaller screens. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Fireworks finish faster. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Fixed square border around mushroom theme particles.

0.1607.1 (Beta 1) – 09 July 2016:

  • Initial Beta Release.