Cubiq Beta 5

The 5th beta release of Cubiq has just been submitted to Google Play. The release should roll-out to devices within a few hours.

tl;dr version:

0.1607.5 – 15 July 2016

  • Fixed crashing during startup on some devices.
  • Fixed “limit reached” bug which prevented watching ads to earn cubos.
  • Fixed screen flashing when main menu appears.
  • Nature Walk theme’s leopard no longer gets stuck running in place after theme transition.


  • As mentioned in the known issues, the game will crash during startup on some devices. We’ve fixed an issue that was causing crashing on certain devices. Hopefully this fixes it for all devices, but we won’t know for sure without further testing on more devices.
  • The Beta 4 update made some changes to ads so that if the ad failed to play it would display a more helpful message. But there was a bug which made it so the game would always tell you that you had reached your limit when trying to view ads to earn cubos in the shop. This bug has been fixed.
  • A bug on some devices would cause the screen to flash when the cube menu appeared. This bug has been fixed.
  • Sometimes the leopard on the Nature Walk stage would get stuck running in place when transitioning from one scene to another and back again. This is no longer the case.

For the full changelog and a current list of known issues, see the main Cubiq page.

For more details about the beta and how to join, see Cubiq Beta Launch.

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