Cubiq Beta 8

The 8th beta release of Cubiq has just been submitted to Google Play. The release should roll-out to devices within a few hours.


  • Fixed getting game over and stage complete at the same time.
  • Added a Tip of the Day to the loading screen.
  • XP level now syncs with Google Play Games Cloud Saves.
  • Devices with a 4:3 aspect ratio can now see the entire gameplay area.
  • Stage select screen no longer snaps into position while still dragging.
  • Fixed stage select screen sometimes not snapping on first or last levels.
  • Fixed stage select screen resetting to stage 1 but showing name of last played stage.
  • Time and Moves counters will flash to draw attention as they start to run low.
  • Fixed Triple Combo (Silver) achievement having wrong number of steps to complete. (Thanks Amanda)
  • Overhauled cube images and added guides to help players know which color is on which side of the cubes. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Visual improvements to other graphic elements (such as the meters).

For the full changelog and a current list of known issues, see the main Cubiq page.

For more details about the beta and how to join, see Cubiq Beta Launch.

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