Cubiq Beta 4

The 4th beta release of Cubiq has just been submitted to Google Play. The release should roll-out to devices within a few hours.

tl;dr version:

0.1607.4 – 14 July 2016

  • Added option to disable dynamic backgrounds. (Thanks Jibz)
  • More helpful messages given when ads fail to play. (Thanks Amanda)
  • Achievements synchronize more reliably.
  • Display a message when running an older version.
  • Doubler/Tripler image improvements.


  • The game didn’t run very well on older devices, or “budget devices” with lower performing GPUs. Now the game has an option to disable the dynamic backgrounds which should result in a faster, smoother experience.
  • If you watch a lot of ads, either to earn some cubos or to continue after running out of time or moves, you might have temporarily hit the limit of how many ads you can watch in a short amount of time. The game now has more helpful messages explaining why you can’t watch an ad at the moment. Update: A bug in this release will prevent you from watching ads to earn cubos. Watching ads to continue after a loss is not affected by this bug.
  • Sometimes things go wrong when trying to update the status of achievements. Whether it’s because your device is offline or there was just a momentary glitch in connectivity, an update may not always work. The game should now be better about synchronizing achievements when Cubiq is able to connect to Google Play again.
  • The version number at the top of the screen will now also show a message if you’re running an older version. Note that this will feel delayed because you won’t see the message until after you update to Beta 4, which will then be the latest version. But later when Beta 5 and so on are released you should start seeing a message that there’s an update available if you haven’t already updated to the latest version.
  • We noticed and fixed some minor inconsistencies in the images used for Doublers and Triplers.

For the full changelog and a current list of known issues, see the main Cubiq page.

For more details about the beta and how to join, see Cubiq Beta Launch.

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