Cubiq Beta 6

The 6th beta release of Cubiq has just been submitted to Google Play. The release should roll-out to devices within a few hours.

tl;dr version:

0.1607.6 – 21 July 2016

  • Added a back button to the Stage Complete screen. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Fixed two wizards spawning on Arcane Arts theme. (Thanks Katelyn)
  • Reduced chance for duplicate entries in leaderboards.
  • Repositioned the feedback button for improved aesthetics.
  • Fixed typo.


  • The Stage Complete screen now shows a back button, so if you need to, you can return to the main menu between substages.
  • Our changes to allow disabling of the dynamic backgrounds led to a bug which caused two wizards to appear on the Arcane Arts theme and start casting spells separately from each other. This looked and sounded weird. But it should no longer happen.
  • There are some problems with the leaderboards. One of the more obvious problems is that the same names are being added to the list multiple times. We’ve changed the way we store names in the leaderboard list to help prevent duplicates in the future, but we’ll have to manually remove the duplicates that are in there already. But before we can do that, we need to wait a little while for everyone to upgrade to this version, so the duplicates don’t just get rewritten back into the list using the old method. So even though this version should prevent future duplicate entries, you may still see some duplicates over the next several days.
  • The feedback button is now relocated depending on what screen you’re on, to help improve integration and aesthetics.
  • There was a typo when continuing after getting a game over. This typo has been fixed.

For the full changelog and a current list of known issues, see the main Cubiq page.

For more details about the beta and how to join, see Cubiq Beta Launch.

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