Cubiq Beta 4

The 4th beta release of Cubiq has just been submitted to Google Play. The release should roll-out to devices within a few hours.

tl;dr version:

0.1607.4 – 14 July 2016

  • Added option to disable dynamic backgrounds. (Thanks Jibz)
  • More helpful messages given when ads fail to play. (Thanks Amanda)
  • Achievements synchronize more reliably.
  • Display a message when running an older version.
  • Doubler/Tripler image improvements.

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Cubiq Beta 3

The 3rd beta release for Cubiq has just been submitted to Google Play. The release should roll-out to devices within a few hours.

tl;dr version:

0.1607.3 – 12 July 2016

  • Fixed game getting stuck when getting many combos after filling last meter.
  • Added feedback button to game.
  • Replaced missing image on game over screen.

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Cubiq Beta 2

The 2nd beta release for Cubiq has just been submitted to Google Play. The update should roll-out to devices within a few hours.

Here’s what changed:

  • Tutorial properly ends after first substage.
  • Fixed “Connection Error” being shown behind first name in leaderboards. (Thanks Amanda)
  • Time and Move counters are larger for increased visibility on smaller screens. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Fireworks finish faster. (Thanks Jibz)
  • Fixed square border around mushroom theme particles.

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Cubiq Beta Launch

Hello world!

We’re ready to start the limited public beta of Cubiq on Android!

What does “limited public beta” mean? It means it’s open to the public in that anyone with the link can opt-in to the beta, but it’s limited to a certain number of people. Once the limit is reached, even if you have the link you won’t be able to join unless we increase the limit.

Why are we limiting the public beta? Because we’re not quite ready for a full-scale release. There are no known bugs in the game, but Cubiq was created by a small team of two coders and one artist. There will most likely be more bugs found once the game is being played by a larger number of people. So we want to allow more people than our team of three–and the few other folks we know who have helped us test it–to be able to play and test it and inform us about any problems they find. Continue reading